Top Combine’s 1st Album “Qi Tian Da Sheng”

It’s an AMAZING album with contribution from all the five members which is so rare for a boyband’s first album. If they keep up the improvement since their first EP these kids will be amazing. Top Combine’s Mars Ma Xueyang composed and wrote  four tracks, and the other four members each wrote lyrics for a song. You can tell they put a lot of effort into this, and there’s a good variety of songs, from ballads to fast tracks.

Please support them if you like the album, then buy it!

Released date : December 13, 2009

Tracklisting :

1. 齐天大盛 Qi Tian Da Sheng – Grandness Equal To Heaven

2. 繁星 Fan Xing – Star Studded Sky (Composed and Written by TC’s Mars Ma Xueyang)

3 光芒 Guang Mang – Radiance ( Composed by Ma Xueyang about the friendship of the five members )

4. Love Live (Lyrics by TC’s Tanas Kim Eunsung) – fast track

5 甜心 Tian Xin – Sweetheart (Composed and written by TC’s Ma Xueyang)

6. 思念之巅 Si Nian Zhi Dian – Summit of Longing

7. 再见了我的爱 Zai jian Wo De Ai – Goodbye My Love (Lyrics by TC’s Kenny Liu Zhoucheng)

8. Party Time (Lyrics by TC’s Caesar Li Mao, describing a charming young man at a large party. Dedicated in some part  to his idol, Michael Jackson)

9. 和风说话的孩子 He Feng Shuo Hua De Hai Zi – Child Who Speaks With The Wind (Lyrics by TC’s Bird Zhang Yuan, the leaderof the group)

10. 静战 Jin Zhan – End the Fight (Composed and Written by TC’s Mars Ma Xueyang, the first time he attempted composing a rap song!)

Cr : Cfensi, Baidu

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