Bird Zhang : New album by the end of the year…

Zhang yuan often said: “After the curtain drops, everything start from zero.” “Top Combine” is his testimony starting from zero.

When joining the group, Bird often frustrated because among its members he is not familiar with each other. In addition to Kim Eunsung who is Korean, the other three members are selected from the same batch of “Super Boys”, everyone has their own personality,  inevitably some friction will occur, combined with what the teacher taught were not all favored of, he often feel very frustrated.

Zhang Yuan have thought of giving up, but when this time he was always calm down and think: “If there is no this ‘group’ platform to provide an opportunity for you, your future will be even more vague.” So Zhang yuan is holding down. Bird is very strict regarding his image, singing, and dancing.  Zhang Yuan, originally nicknamed “little piggy” ,”bear”, “pork floss” because he had a slightly ‘baby fat’. Before debut he did a crazy diet, when everyone was having their meal, he had to stay out of. Also doing a lot of exercise every day.  Within short period of time, Zhang Yuan finally becomes slimmer, with a more perfect image boarded the new album cover.

With the efforts of the members, “Top Combine” improve smoothly. On the end of 2008, they debuted in the group name with an EP, then followed by an album and photobook.  By the end of this year, the third album will be released, if the response are good then there will be a concert held … “My dream since college time are all to be achieved in one and half year time.” Zhang Yuan have very satisfied.

Zhang yuan’s maturity and effort are being supported by the company, after came back training from South Korea, he is given to a “leader” title , “The role has a heavy responsibility, as is the helm, usually  Regarding the future of group, Zhang yuan said that the “Top Combine” will never dissolve, “Everyone could do their own things separately, but in the end all will be doing a concert together, releasing album, like Yu Quan, they are our role models . “

*YaY!! can’t wait for the new album.. 🙂

Cr :

Translated by topcombinest ( only related part of the article being translated )

Please take out with FULL credit!!!

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