Si Jie’s SINA mentioned about Bird and Tanas 20/07/10

Rough Translation :

20/07  02:34

Said to @至上励合张远 : Bird, diet.. diet.. till same as Xiao wu !

20/07  02:34

Still the same word.. Bird.. Diet !

20/07  02:26

Ha Ha Ha.. He is so funny

@至上励合张远 : Today with Mars and Kenny accompanied our South Korean manager to visit Palace, and finally know why we are so in love with him ~ ~ how cute he is ~ ~ ~ ~


By the way, I found this photo when stalking Si Jie’s sina… wishing all the best for Kangta’s concert in China!!!  ^^

Cr : 捷大欢喜司’s sina
Translated by topcombinest
Please take out with FULL credit!!

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