TC’s SINA Updates 28/03/11

Rough Translation :

28/03   18:23 via iPhone

Eunsung :  Ha ha //@刘洲成 :  I’m lucky, you’re lucky too.. However I’m more lucky, because I treat her to eat box meal already // @KIM恩圣 : Who’s the lucky one ?

@给力星期天 :@李菲儿 second time guesting on #Gei Li Xing Qi Tian#, once appeared already got the enthusiasm confessions from two handsome boys ~ high popularity ~ who will she choose at the end ? @刘洲成 @KIM恩圣

28/03   12:30 via iPhone

Caesar :  A photo that I kept for a while.. for celebrating new single released.. a bit silly.. but hope everyone who look at me can smile.. everyone should be lucky boys ! ! !

28/03   12:10 via Iphone

Kenny : Everyone please help to promote ‘Lucky Boys’.. Let the world becomes luckier.. Are you lucky today ?

28/03  01:17 via web

Tonight is a historic moment, Top Combine’s first single from 3rd album will be released, the combination of more than one year efforts, finally released brilliantly. Hope all good friends can be more gelivable , can support more. In the spring, let us have a musical and spiritual exchange. Top Combine ! Watch for it !



Cr : Kenny’s, Mars’, Caesar’s, Eunsung’s sina

Translated by topcombinest

Please take out with FULL credit !

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