TC’s SINA Updates 30/03 ~ 31/03/11

Rough Translation :

31/03   21:12 via iPhone

Kenny :  Very lucky boys.. @至上励合张远 quickly forward ! I want Yanzi to see that.. I also love Yanzi !

*As the result, Yuan bought the black pants that he wore, Caesar also bought his short sleeve shirt and Kenny’s black coat ( his glasses is sponsored by ‘Look at Me’ brand ), then Mars bought a pair of shoes.. Happy shopping ^^

31/03   18:13 via iPhone

Caesar : What a full meal.. Teacher Gao said I’m too skinny.. so I ate a huge plate of medium rare beef steak..quite bloody..

31/03  17:21 via Weico. iPhone

Mars : Photo sharing #WeicoLomo# Woah ! It’s said that this camera can record video like a movie !

31/03 15:58 via web

Bird : This one must forward, later the photos on trainer’s cellphone can be compiled become a motivational short VCR @will战 also will join your own competition soon !! Hope everyone can be lucky !! Fighting together ! !  dream comes true !!

@will战 : @至上励合张远 getting more and more manly.. next time still dare not to be late ???

31/03   12:43 via iPhone

Caesar :  hoho.. a bit sleepy..

31/03   12:21 via Weico.iPhone

Mars :  You’re outdated.. though I don’t play..but I already saw others playing..

@李茂CaeSaR :  That.. talkbox.. I don’t know how to play..

31/03  11:02 via iPhone

Kenny :  Lucky Boys will launch own cosmetics and clothes..

31/03  08:32 via iPhone

Bird :  A lucky thing will happen everyday, yesterday when shooting photo, I found a suitable pants for me ! ! Lucky lucky lucky everywhere ! !  he he he

30/03  18:19 via Weico.iPhone

Mars :  Photo sharing #WeicoLomo# , just finished photo-shooting for magazine, Hey ! Lucky Mao, where do you want to take us ? I want to go home~~ Calm down ! Calm down !

Cr : Mars’, Caesar’s, Bird’s, Kenny’s sina

Translated by topcombienst

Please take out with FULL credit !

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