TC’s SINA Updates 01/04/11

Rough Translation :

01/04  20:51 via web

Mars :  Announcement ! Lucky Boys’ Ma Xueyang “Ma Gongzi” Taobao shop will open very soon ! Please look forward ! Now everyone has fortuitous knack for eating ! Hope everyone can support ! Also can give some advices !

@马雪阳 : Faint ! Taobao’s 3 years anniversary will give 50 millions cash reward ! This event is so huge ! A lot of cars and houses.. #My prediction# Little cookie hopes to win a prize ! !


01/04   20:01 via iPhone

Eunsung :  The driver.. help us~ //@至上励合张远 : I said we’re growing up oppositely.. I almost can’t recognize myself ha ha ha !  Finished the photo-shooting for magazine and dance rehearsal, suddenly raining hard and can’t take a cab, with @kim恩圣 being trapped in Starbucks

@KIM恩圣:@至上励合张远 ~_ ~

*Two cute dorky boys ^^

01/04  16:55 via iPhone

Kenny :  Everyone please add my box kenny 123321

01/04  15:56 via iPhone

Caesar : Do you like my full lips ?

01/04  14:30 via iPhone

Kenny : Should use your heart to see lucky boys.. Angels also should, if not you can get hurt..

01/04  10:25 via iPhone

Bird : Actually I’ve done plastic surgery, my eyes are bigger than other boys, you see !

01/04  09:44 via iPhone

Kenny : Lucky Boys’ choreographer.. Today came for saying sorry to everyone.. I’ll leave the group for a while.. I think I’ll come back very soon.. I’m sorry,  my other members..

*Yeah, Happy April’s Fool !!

01/04  09:38 via iPhone

Caesar : Go and get a marriage certificate with me.. Then you can honorably sit at my back seat.. I’ll take you go around..

01/04  03:00 via iPhone

Kenny : Lucky boys told you..  no more chance for you ! Goodbye

01/04   02:53 via iPhone

Caesar : What to do ??



Cr :  Kenny’s, Mars’, Eunsung’s, Bird’s, Caesar’s sina

Translated by topcombinest

Please take out with FULL credit !

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