TC’s SINA Updates 03/04 ~ 04/04/11

Rough Translaton :

04/04   20:43 via iPhone

Mars : Photo sharing #WeicoLomo# This, Is this what Angels wear for war ?

04/04   20:28 via iPhone

Kenny : Lucky Boys are accompanying Brother Jie to go for a blind date

04/04   16:35 via iPhone

Bird : In the future, I also want to be lucky enough to have a cute daughter like this.. I’ll spoil her..

03/04  22:54 via iPhone

Eunsung :  Ha ha Brothers !

@刘洲成 :  Wu.. lucky boys will not give up.. no matter how the future is.. Our hearts will always stick together !

03/04   20:04 via iPhone

Kenny :  How about it.. my eyes..

03/04  19:34 via iPhone

Bird :  How do you feel after watching the debut performance, a bit worried because I didn’t watch it.. @苏醒AllenSu way of revenge making me speechless.. but I will fight back powerlessly with understanding.. wua ha ha ha..

03/04   19:34 via Weico.iPhone

Mars : Gei Li Xing Qi Tian !

03/04   17:34 via iPhone

Kenny : Aiyo.. Lucky boys will watch ‘Gei Li Xing Qi Tian’ tonight..



Cr : Kenny’s, Mars’, Eunsung’s, Bird’s sina

Translated by topcombinest

Please take out with FULL credit !

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