TC’s SINA Updates 05/04/11

Rough Translation :

05/04   19:2o via iPhone

Eunsung : Seraphim, tomorrow we’ll meet at the radio station !

05/04   17:o3 via Weico.iPhone

Mars :  Photo sharing #WeicoLomo# Beside your conceited ring of light, I still proceed with my low-profile..

05/04  16:12 via iPhone

Kenny : Will be connected online at radio stations for the whole day tomorrow.. try the best for Lucky Boys..

05/04   15:44 via iPhone

Caesar : How many people are just like me after watching ‘Happy Camp directly go to Cold Stone..

05/06  13:56 via iPhone

Kenny : Lucky lucky lucky Have you eaten your lunch ? Saw ‘Lucky’ again..

05/04  12:56 via web

Bird : We are not superstars, we are also not so popular, but we are very lucky, we have seraphim who are always be there for us, they always show supports silently and work hard for us, letting us to have more power and confidence to go on..

@张远歌迷会官方微博 : Congratulation to #Top Combine##Lucky Boys# for hitting the top.. Seraphim continue to give power..

*#LuckyBoys# Fighting !!!

Cr : Mars’, Kenny’s, Bird’s, Caesar’s sina

Translated by topcombinest

Please take out with FULL credit !

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