TC’s SINA Updates 06/04 ~ 07/04/11

Rough Translation :

07/04  21:57  via iPhone

Thanks to Lao Xiao’s little mouse ear-ring.. today also airing on the radio for the whole day.. Thanks to Angels who listened to it.. Tomorrow ‘Lucky Boys’ MV will be released.. I love everyone..

07/04  19:36 via web

Caesar :  HoHo.. Have received the promotion disc ? This style is quite interesting.. //@至上励合全球歌 迷会: Ha ha .. please promote more on Hong Kong..

@國語力 : Top Combine’s new single “Lucky Boys”, these five boys also changed a new style !

07/04  15:24 via iPhone

Eunsung : Tomorrow our new MV “Lucky Boys” will be released !! Hope everyone can look forward..

07/04  15:15 via iPhone

Kenny : It’s true.. ‘Lucky Boys’ MV will be released tomorrow..

07/04   14:39 via iPhone

Caesar : Does everyone like this little V neck today..

07/04  13:16 via iPhone

Kenny : Go downstairs for some fresh air.. continue fighting..

07/04  10:43 via iPhone

Kenny :  Today’s outfit colour for radio station is khakis.. Everyone get ready ? Lucky boys love Seraphim..

06/04   20:15 via iPhone

Kenny :  Where Angels fly.. where Top Combine chase..the last sentence said when airing on the radio.. lucky boys love Angels.. for those angels who left messages or called in.. we’ll continue airing tomorrow..

Cr : Kenny’s, Caesar’s, Eunsung’s sina

Translated by topcombinest

Please take out with FULL credit

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