TC’s SINA Updates 08/04/11

Rough Translation :

08/04  23:22 via web

Bird :  I must forward this, Seraphim have worked hard~

@至上励合全球歌迷会 : Congratulation #Top Combine# #Lucky Boys# MV debuted on Youku which has reached a good result of 350 millions views !! Everyone has worked hard ! Yinyuetai web with 8 millions views enter the Chinese weekly chart !! daily views are not bad, #LuckyBoys# is lucky enough ! !  Please continue promoting the MV on weekend !

08/04   22:58 via iPhone

Bird : Today at this very last moment, I want to wish @捷大欢喜司 a Happy Birthday ! Jie Ge, a man with dreams, I believe in you ! ! Guys, let’s work hard together !

08/04  22:27 via iPhone

Caesar : No sleeping tonight..

08/04   21:02 via iPhone

Caesar : Hey Hey ! ! It’s mine..

@刘洲成 :  Aiyo.. On my hand is Peashooter.. so lucky..

08/04   18:32 via iPhone

Kenny : Hebei Langfang’s Angels, Are you ready to be lucky ?

08/04  18:24 via iPhone

Caesar : Photo sharing..

08/04   18:04 via iPhone

Mars : Lucky girls, which type of  little cookie do you like ?

08/04  16:46 via iPhone

Caesar : Today’s lucky slogan.. I am not Beethoven.. I don’t have a superb artistic skill.. But if you like.. For you, I still can play that music composition of our heart..

08/04   13:53 via iPhone

Mars : Lucky ! lucky ! lucky ! lucky ! I’m looking forward to it..


Cr : Mars’, Kenny’s, Caesar’s, Bird’s sina

Translated by topcombinest

Please take out with FULL credit !

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