TC’s SINA Updates 09/04/11

Rough Translation :

09/04  21:17 via iPhone

Caesar : Suddenly want to play the ‘Mafia’ game..

09/04   21:05 via iPhone

Kenny  : Woah ! Finally going solo and form another new group.. ha ha ha.. lucky boys LXL

@许峰Felix : Newcomer group — “Lucky Boys & LXL ” @刘洲成 @许峰felix @李恭LeoLi

09/04   21:05 via Weico.iPhone

Mars :  Happy Birthday, Yama-P !

09/04 20:14 via Weico.iPhone

Mars : For those friends who love eating hotpot in the spring time, you can consider this combination of vegetables and mushroom soup pot ! Healthy also lucky !

09/04  14:34 via iPhone

Kenny : Feel satisfied with Lucky Boys’ MV ?? Lucky colour..



Cr : Kenny’s, Mars’, Caesar’s sina

Translated by topcombinest

Please take out with FULL credit !



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