TC’s SINA Updates 10/04/11

Rough Translation :

10/04  19:45 via iPhone

Eunsung : Three Fengs..  ( *He is fooling with his iPhone app again.. )

10/04   19:28 via iPhone

Kenny :  This is called little lighthouse.. Yellow represents lucky, Blue represents boys..

10/04  19:00 via iPhone

Mars : This is not an art exhibition ! This is a toy shop with an art exhibition taste ! Awesome ! It doubles my luck !

10/04  17:27 via iPhone

Caesar : I’m hungry..

10/04  16:21 via iPhone

Caesar : Baby baby.. don’t worry.. don’t worry.. Brother will take you home when I have enough money..

10/04   15:08 via iPhone

Bird :  Have a group of friends who can make me crazy like this.. I’m quite lucky ! ! !

10/04   13:53 via iPhone

Kenny :  Lucky blue.. is testing his own cosmetic brand..

10/04   13:53 via Weico.iPhone

Mars :  Ha ha ha ha ha ! The one who is staying in this house must be a foreigner !  No !  Must be a Seraphim ! ! ! ! ! ! !  [Angel] [Angel] [Angel] [Angel][Angel]

*Gelivable Luck !!! ^^

10/04   13:07 via iPhone

Eunsung : So cute ~ Sleep well, Baby..

10/04   12:05 via web

Caesar : Taking photo with my brother..

10/04  04:32 via web

Caesar :  It’s so touching to watch the ‘Happy Camp’ replay show.. Yanzi is very beautiful.. really beautiful.. this episode is full of emotion.. the photo on the small eyes Zhang’s  ( *Yuan ) cabinet… letter from Ya Li.. also that saying.. In every love story of any person.. there’s a song of Stefanie Sun..

10/04  03:25 via web

Caesar : Today there’s no inspiration.. actually thought that the story from the MV already existed in my mind.. only waiting for me to discover her.. however I can’t find her.. Such a destined sad script.. If it’s possible.. I’ll let everyone see it..

10/04   02:07 via iPhone

Eunsung : Ha ha ha ha ha

@钱枫oscar :@欧弟 @田源V @KIM恩圣 @钱枫oscar A group of four Day Day Brothers ! Okay ! After scaring everyone, go to bed !

04/10  02:07 via iPhone

Eunsung : Ha ha ha ha ha

@钱枫oscar:@KIM恩圣 Xiao Wu, ha ha ha

*Scary enough >.<


Cr :  Caesar’s, Mars’, Kenny’s, Bird’s, Eunsung’s sina

Translated by topcombinest

Please take out with FULL credit !



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