TC’s SINA Updates 11/04/11

Rough Translation :

11/04   17:54 via iPhone

Caesar : Almost completed the schedule today.. haven’t eaten for the whole day.. who is interested to have a dinner with me.. conveniently say something.. that I forgot to bring my wallet..

11/04  17:29 via iPhone

Kenny : Lucky lucky.. the last one looks grudgingly

11/04  13:02 via iPhone

Kenny : Go to work luckily..

11/04   11:23 via iPhone

Bird :  Come on, Let’s grow backwards together !  Eh ! I’m 16 years old ! !

@天娱传媒 : EE Media’s first inspirational group Top Combine’s new EP 《Lucky Boys》 cover exposed today.  Five sunshine boys, dressed in pink suit uniforms, flying in the midst of colorful bubbles, beautifully advocating youthfulness, demonstrated in front of everyone. Top Combine’s new EP will meet everyone very soon ! Lucky lucky lucky lucky ~~~ Do you look forward to it ??

10/04   22:45 via iPhone

Eunsung :  O D ! !

@歐弟 :  Announcing the answer..



Cr : Caesar’s, Bird’s, Kenny’s, Tanas’ sina

Translated by topcombinest

Please take out with FULL credit !



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