Top Combine’s SINA Updates 07/06/11 !

Rough Translation :

07/06   19:46 via iPhone

Bird : As leader, I represent Top Combine apologizing to everyone who are being implicated by this incident. As  men, we’ve tried our best to protect our colleagues and friends for not suffering from any humiliation and harm, however as public figures, we feel sorry for causing a bad influence with our impulsive behaviour. Thank you to our company for giving us positive assistance, Thank you to press media for being tolerance, Thank you to our fans for trusting us. Top Combine will draw a lesson, show restraint and self-control, being more mature.

07/06   20:01 via iPhone

Caesar :  Still have many things to learn, as an artist has to be more patience, being impetuous can’t help to settle any problem… only mastering a good manner can be used to protect the people around us..

07/06  20:08 via iPhone

Kenny :  Feel sorry for everyone..

07/06  20:52 via iPhone

Mars :  For those who suffering from this incident, I want to express my regret. Since now, I will strictly demand myself, never let this similar incident to happen again in the future..

07/06  22:56  via iPhone

Eunsung :  Ha ha.. I wrote wrongly again, not ‘image’… but ‘influence’ //@me : Very regret to give everyone a bad ‘image’.. Feel sorry for everyone..

Cr : Bird’s, Kenny’s, Caesar’s, Tanas, Mars’ sina

Translated by topcombinest

Please take out with FULL credit

2 thoughts on “Top Combine’s SINA Updates 07/06/11 !

  1. Indeed same question which i am going to ask….. What has happened that everyone in top combine has to say sorry???? what a mysterious story…..but shouldn’t let troubles bother you:) A phrase says: YESTERDAY WAS HISTORY, TODAY IS PRESENT,TOMORROW IS FUTURE:) 🙂 🙂 Good luck in your guys songs:) lol:) Hope you guys can write more songs in future:):):)

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