Zhang Yuan shooting for movie “The Legend of DunHuang”

Top Combine’s leader Bird Zhang Yuan, joining other great actors such as Jackie Lui, Katty Chou, Michael Lui  and Kay Tse, to cast in the film “The Legend of DunHuang”.

This movie is mainly about the well-known writer Anne Chen, through a serial novel titled “The Legend of DunHuang”,  opened a millennium mural hidden treasures within the unknown whereabouts, and thus encounter from a series of confusing events. Treasure, murder, love and intrigue of the story line, will form a soul-stirring legend.

The film director Yan Yue, who is also the composer for Zhang Yuan’s second solo song titled ‘Missing You’, expressed on her microblog that Yuan will have a challenging character which is also smart, professional and loyal on this film.

It is reported that the shooting of  “The Legend of DunHuang” will take place in some cities such as Beijing, Dunhuang, and Jiuquan.

Cr : dunhuangfilm, Yanyue’s weibo, 163.com

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