[NEWS] Caesar Li Mao Temporarily Leaves Top Combine To Pursue Acting !

*Caesar was dressed as Justin Timberlake for “百变大咖秀” show

Amguulan being released from jail, Yu Haoming returning to the entertainment industry, Top Combine separating…Recently, the boys from the 2007 season of Hunan TV’s “Super Boy” have been all over the news. A month before, Top Combine member Kenny expressed his anger in Weibo, raising alarms about the group dispersing. Was it just for publicity or has the conflict been simmering for a while? Could the top idol group in the Mainland really face this fate? These questions were finally answered on September 14th. Caesar announced on Hunan TV program “百变大咖秀”: He will be leaving Top Combine and starting to move in the acting direction.

Leaving Has Been Foreshadowed

“There’s not that many why’s in the world. There’s endless dismay, unwillingness to accept defeat, unwillingness to let go, things hard to forget. But life is like this, so we should carry what we can. The things we can’t let go of, carry it in our heart and move on. Some things don’t need to be said. Time will settle everything. Right now, I’m only anticipating the future’s arrival.” This was written by Caesar yesterday in his Weibo, immediately leading to netizens’ speculations.

Rumors earlier of Top Combine separating put the blame on Caesar, saying he fought with a team member over a girl and didn’t have any concept of what a team was. Caesar was thus pushed into the limelight. This Weibo post thus led to even more guessing about whether or not the fact that Caesar recently appeared at a filming set meant he was thinking about backing out. Even more fans were worried about Top Combine facing separation. Soon after rumors of separation and internal conflict were leaked, the other four members continued to appear as a group, with only Caesar missing. Even if Caesar could not make it to a schedule, unfortunately, even on Weibo, it was only the four communicating to each other, leaving Caesar out of the conversation.

Flying Solo and Concentrating on Being an Actor

Just recently, Caesar suddenly announced he will officially leave Top Combine. “I have decided to leave Top Combine. It’s a decision made by the five of us and the company. Because we’ve already debuted for four years, and everyone has their own talents, and everyone is continuing to grow. The company has different plans for our lives and work. Plus, from when I was little, I had a dream that I would become an experienced, lively, talented, and compassionate actor, and recently all I’ve been doing is filming. Also, to me personally, I will definitely not allow my personal work to have an effect on Top Combine, to affect the group’s work and future improvements.”

As to whether he was leaving because of the rumored reasons, Caesar did not say anything but revealed that he already had the idea to leave several months before. “Actually, this was a very hard decision for me, especially saying it myself today is even more difficult. To me, no matter where I am, what I’m doing, I will always remember what Top Combine brought, what the words mean.”

According to our understanding, after leaving Top Combine, Caesar will focus on acting, and Top Combine’s new album, concert, and other schedules will continue as planned. Recently, Caesar made a cameo in “Half a Fairytale” and frequently appeared on set. It looks like the company has already prepared for his road to become an actor.

*Though Mao is leaving, he will always have his own special place in Seraphim’s heart… Mao ge, jia youu !!  🙂

Source : HunanTV

Credit and Translated by Tianlu for 24-7 KPOP

Please take out with FULL credit !

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