This is a fan-based blog for mandopop group Top Combine ( 至上励合 ) or Zhì Shàng Lì Hé.

5 thoughts on “About

  1. omg, i’m so glad to find this. i’m not able to find information on them… well cfensi is one, but this blog is dedicated to TC. so thank you so much!

  2. just found out about this group yesterdayy .. and I already love your music . I wish I could understand it though -///- .. good luck in the future in becoming even more famous !

  3. i really love their musics and their songs!!!!!!!!! i hope in future they can write more songs!!!!!! even though i’m not in china but in another place really far named fiji island…. they are still popular in there!!!!!!!!! i wish top combine can write more songs in future and thank you all for sharing! thank you!

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