We are an International Top Combine fan site, which providing  updates about Top Combine to our beloved Seraphims.


Yes, we are officially debut in April 18, 2010. So we are newcomer in blogging. We really need your supports and help in maintaining this blog. In hope that we are improving for the present and future, let’s join us and grow together as an everlasting Seraphims for our lovely Top Combine.


Here the Rules:

  1. Please DO NOT HOTLINK !!! you can take out the pictures then reupload them on your own server.
  2. Please CREDIT and LINK BACK to topcombinest if you are taking anything that is originally from us.
  3. Please DO NOT CHANGE the articles.. We allow people to take out articles from our blog, but please be  sure  not to add  false info and spread false rumors.
  4. Please leave any comment.. we will be happy and really appreciate it. But if there is any offensive or harassing comments, it will be DELETED!! All comments are under reviewed and will be approved by the users.

17 thoughts on “Blog~TC

  1. I love this site, but I was wondering if maybe there’s a way you could make it easier to read I cant see the words properly with the background.

  2. hii, i’m Seraphim from Indonesia . I like your fansite 🙂 Very awesome and update ! ^^ I want to take the articel for Indonesian Seraphim, and I will take a full of credits 🙂 Thank you before .. Jia you !

    • LOL !! We’re not a company.. >.< We are just a fanbase blog for Top Combine 🙂 Actually we're looking for Chinese translators, if anyone love to contribute then we're welcoming ^^

  3. It’s me! ^.^ I just want to say thank for your updating about Top Combine, thank to that I can know clearly about them and their news ^.^

    I hope you are always happy and healthy ^^

    Love you, Topcombinest!

  4. Hi, would you be able to put things like top combines next concerts up on the website please, bcuz im always looking for there next concerts and i can never find information on them, and i love kenny!!!! 😀

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