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Dear Topcombinest readers,

We have uploaded a new guestbook to sign up under the username TopCombinest, so everything posted here is now under reviewed by us.. Sorry for the inconvenience caused !!

PS. If you have some problems signing in, just send me a message.. okay?! Our email is

Do not spam our email yooo!!! 

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43 thoughts on “Guestbook

  1. Every day, I visit this “” and I feel very happy. Especially, when I received your reply^^ Thank you so much!You make me feel that I’ve matured. Once again, thank you so much!

  2. Hi! I want to appreciate that you traduce into english all of them because I’m from Spain and I don’t know anything about Chinese and I lose in it, but with this blog I can inform very well of TC! Thank you very much!!

    I love Top Combine with my heart!

    Ah, I have a TC’s blog in Spanish and many entries are traduced of here. I hope it isn’t any problem. If it were, I would stop ^^.

    Thank you very much!!! ♥♥♥♥♥

    • (*) I have made a mistake! I would wanted to write “translate” instead of “traduce” ^^Uu, very sorry! T3T I’m clumsy and I wrote it in Spanish LOL xD.
      I forgot something, sorry. When I translate something of here, I credit you ^^.

      With love ♥♥♥!

      • The same with “are traduced” T___T I wanted to write “are translated”. I’m very clumsy, really sorry!! T______T

      • Sure, as long as you credited us if you took out something from topcombinest..^^ Btw, can we affiliate with your blog?? Coz it’s a love to see seraphims in everywhere around the world..<333

  3. Oh my dear Topcombinest, today is really and happy day! Top Combine will go to LA. And I know, we are waiting for their news ^^ And today is my birthday, my father’s birthday too. I love September so much. I hope to listen their new album 🙂 Thank you so much for your updating ^^ Please take care of yourself, my dear ^^

    • Are u from LA too?? If you are, hope u can see the boys while in downtown ^^ and hope it’s not too late for saying “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!” to you and ur Daddy.. wish ur dreams come true 😀

  4. hello!
    hmmm.. so whoever is making this website, please notice that on the slideshow above, there is a picture of Dongfangshenqi, not Top Combine.
    The picture on the slide is under “Jen, Overland, KS, USA”
    Please make a change as soon as possible 🙂 thank you!

    i am from the official seraphim organization in China

    • Sorry, I haven’t check about it. I think it’s just signed up by one of the guest today. And too bad that I can’t change the photo cause it’s uploaded by the fan herself. So, maybe Ms. Jen from Overland, would you mind to change the photo that you’ve uploaded?? Thanks for your cooperation.. *Let’s hope Ms. Jen is checking this soon* >.<

      • Anyway I decided to post a new guestbook under our blog’s username. The previous one is under Feed Master, and we can’t have the authority to access it. Sorry again for inconvenience caused.. Hope there’s no harm done for seraphims !! >.<

  5. hmmm.
    by the way
    i am in CA, and i did went to see TopCombine in LA airport today 😀
    but i asked the staff, they don’t want any fans to go to visit them, because the schedule is a secret due to their new album

    • Cool !! ^^ I’m sure some of the LAX photos posted here are yours.. Thx for your hard works !!
      Sure, TC need to concentrate on their new album.. May fans just let TC finish their mission first..
      Anyway hope they can have some fun too while in LA 🙂
      Can’t wait for their new album ^^

    • hey x are u the person that uploads all the cool vids of top combine on youtube? I love your work thanks! ur the person who keeps me up to date with all the new vids! thanks, and my fave is the 1 of kenny when their singing that song the vid is called “110614<< "something like that x keep the great work up! thanks so much! I love kenny x ❤

      • Hi friend! Nice to meet you ^^ This is Puiiz ^^ She is so lovely, she uploads almost clips of Top Combine. Thank to that, we can update the News of them ^^ And this song which you mentioned, is so nice, I like him too 😉 Supporting him and Top Combine, friend ^^

  6. Hello all..i am still new to top combine! found top combine recently and fall for them..hehe..
    thx for this website..i can get more news about top combine..what a lovely website!

  7. I love TopCombinest so much

    For so long I was unable to find up to date news and pictures about the boys, because I found it too difficult to try navigate Chinese sites.
    And I couldn’t find any Tumblrs or Twitters or any sort of page like that. The ones that did exist, didn’t update.

    But then I found Top Combinest!
    I love you guys! I go on everyday. I started running a TopCombine Tumblr ( that had stopped updating.
    I get the pictures from here and give you credit. I update constantly and slowly.

    It only has 40 followers, but I love running it.
    I love Top Combine, and it was your blog that showed me how I can keep up to date with them, and use some Chinese sites.

    I even made myself a Sina!

    I was wondering if you guys have a Sina I can follow?
    Right now I’m only following the five boys.

    Thank you so much for running this
    And for having an active twitter, keeping me updated with the boys. I love you so much.
    Thank you ten thousand times.

    • I went to ur tumblr.. ^^ An awesome blog i should say.. And thx very much for crediting back to topcombinest.. 😀
      Sorry that we don’t have a sina account for topcombinest.. just the admin’s private acc..
      Keep loving our TC boys, will ya~~ ♥♥♥♥♥

  8. well, i said this at the about, but still here is better. lol anyways, thank you so much for the information on TC. i deeply appreciate it. now i just need to go exploring around here. lol thanks again.

  9. Heeey, I LOVE Top Combine, and i didn’t know that there was a blog about them! You guys are genius! 😀
    I know Top Combine because my family is from China, but we’re not living in China. So i cant read Chinese, or any news about Top Combine :(! -So GREAT this blog is in english!
    -I’m in love with Ma Xueyang, so it’s great that you post pictures and videos (With him) XD!♥

    I’ll totally “follow” this blog, forever 😀

    -Top Combine Fan Forever :D<3

  10. Great to know you Xiao K jiejie 😀 because of TopCombinest twitter acc I can meet many Seraphims around of the world and we’re become a big Seraphim’s family 😀 thanks ^^ Luv yaa ~~

  11. hi,
    Dear admin and all the seraphim ..
    My english ain’t that well since i’m a chinese and i’m from indonesia..
    Forgive me if i say anything wrong..
    i started to know top combine 2 days ago, when i was watching HUNAN TV Countdown concert.(i don’t know them before b’cause i’m quite book worm kind of girl, didn’t like to watch that much) Then i started to browse the internet to search the information of them. I really like Tanas.. He is so cute..
    Dear miss/ mr. Admin.
    Please keep updating top combine’s news..

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