[pic-spams] Top Combine’s new promo photos ( part 1 )

Close-Up 🙂

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[NEWS] New Top Combine Give Blessing to Li Mao !

On the afternoon of September 24th, ten days after Caesar Li Mao announced his leaving from Top Combine, the four-person version of Top Combine promote their upcoming new album on “Day Day Up” show. Leader Zhang Yuan for the first time responded to group’s rumors. ” Everyone is already acknowledged about Mao’s leaving news on internet, a lot of people think that we were speculating, but it is really a fact. We understand each other, also send our blessing to Li Mao. “

Li Mao is going solo as an actor, Top Combine will also release a new album. And this album belongs to the four-person’s new album, and also changes their previous Kpop-ish style, not only all the songs totally composed by Ma Xueyang, Liu Zhoucheng and Zhang Yuan also involved in the styling and choreography part. Continue reading

[NEWS] Caesar Li Mao Temporarily Leaves Top Combine To Pursue Acting !

*Caesar was dressed as Justin Timberlake for “百变大咖秀” show

Amguulan being released from jail, Yu Haoming returning to the entertainment industry, Top Combine separating…Recently, the boys from the 2007 season of Hunan TV’s “Super Boy” have been all over the news. A month before, Top Combine member Kenny expressed his anger in Weibo, raising alarms about the group dispersing. Was it just for publicity or has the conflict been simmering for a while? Could the top idol group in the Mainland really face this fate? These questions were finally answered on September 14th. Caesar announced on Hunan TV program “百变大咖秀”: He will be leaving Top Combine and starting to move in the acting direction. Continue reading