Top Combine @ Xian Album-signing Conference 15/05/10

Top Combine arrived at Xian’s Wanda Plaza for their first album ‘Grandness Equal to Heaven’ signing conference this afternoon. Before the album-signing session, they also sang and danced to ‘Sweetheart’. It is also gossiped that there will be a concert held on May 31. But since there is no official statement from the company yet, […]

Top Combine’s 1st Album “Qi Tian Da Sheng”

It’s an AMAZING album with contribution from all the five members which is so rare for a boyband’s first album. If they keep up the improvement since their first EP these kids will be amazing. Top Combine’s Mars Ma Xueyang composed and wrote four tracks, and the other four members each wrote lyrics for a song. You can tell they put a lot of effort into this, and there’s a good variety of songs, from ballads to fast tracks.